Apr 5, 2018 - By Robert Busey

Twitch Prime members, get even more loot for your fleet in World of Warships

****Ahoy again, captains! This marks month two where Twitch Prime members can get a treasure trove of loot in World of Warships.

This month, starting April 5th through May 4th, Twitch Prime members get a variety of free in-game plunder:

· The legendary Premium Tier V battleship Texas!

Dominate the ocean in a ship with a storied history! The first battleships in the U.S. Navy to carry 356 mm guns — New York and Texas — were commissioned as far back as 1914. Both ships left a footprint in naval history but Texas turned out to be the only “classic” dreadnought ship in the world that survived to this day.

· A commemorative flag to be proudly hoisted immediately before a battle, and 15 exclusive expendable Twitch Prime camouflage patterns!

· A series of dedicated combat missions to earn signals and other consumables to make your battle experience more comfortable.

****· The ultimate reward for completing all dedicated missions will be a unique permanent camouflage for your Texas, designed specifically for subscribers of Twitch Prime! The colors of the camo will emphasize your special status, letting you stand out in battle, and providing you with the following bonuses: +50% to XP earned in battle; -10% to the cost of the ship’s post-battle service and more.

Redemption Instructions:

Step 1: Create a Twitch Prime Account

If you do not have a Twitch account yet, sign up and upgrade to a Twitch Prime Account.

Step 2: Create and link your World of Warships Account to your Twitch Account

You can create a World of Warships account and link it after.

Step 3: Click on the Crown Icon on Twitch.tv and click “Claim Offer” on the World of Warships Loot

Step 4: Log in to the game and redeem your items:

· USS Texas, tier V premium ship

· 1x port slot

· Dedicated combat missions

· 1x permanent Twitch-branded camouflage for USS Texas (top reward in mission chain)

· 15x consumable Twitch-colored camouflages

· Twitch-branded memorable flag

If you play World of Warships on Steam or Microsoft Store platforms, first you’ll need to link your account to a Wargaming.net account, then create a Twitch Prime account (If you don’t have one) and link it to your Wargaming.net one as well. Your next actions are the same — claim the World of Warships offer from the Twitch homepage, log in to the game and redeem your loot.

Please be aware: Some items can’t be accessed until your account reaches a certain level in the Service Record.

After you claim the offer and connect your accounts, you need to log into the game and redeem the items within 12 months, otherwise the offer will expire.

What is Twitch Prime?

Twitch Prime is a new premium experience on Twitch that is included with Amazon Prime. Benefits include monthly in-game loot, ad-free viewing on Twitch, a channel subscription every 30 days AND all the benefits of being a prime member. See all the Twitch Prime benefits here.

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