Feb 20, 2024

Updates to Subscription Pricing

Twitch streamers rely on our monetization tools to reach their goals and build their communities. Subscriptions are one of the most important ways that viewers support their favorite channels. We have not increased channel sub prices since their inception, and many markets saw reduced prices in 2021. This year we are updating prices in several countries to help streamer revenue keep pace with rising costs and reflect local currency fluctuations. 

What’s changing

Beginning March 28, we’re updating Tier 1 subscription and gift sub prices on the web in Australia, Canada, and the UK. In Turkey, we are updating all 3 tiers of subscription and gift sub prices on the web on April 8. Below are the new subscription prices:

Tier 1 web sub by country:


Current T1 Web Sub

New Price







United Kingdom



Turkey web sub prices by tier:


Current Price

New Price

Tier 1



Tier 2



Tier 3



Existing subscriptions will automatically renew at the new price - no action needed. Existing subscribers will be notified via email one month prior to this price change taking effect. We are not changing the price of Tier 2 or Tier 3 subscriptions or gift subs in Australia, Canada, or the UK. These updates apply only to subscriptions purchased on desktop or mobile web. We’ll be updating prices on mobile apps in the coming months. You’ll keep earning the same amount per Prime sub as you do today until June 3rd when they switch to the published, per country payout rates.

Subscriptions are one of the most reliable ways viewers can support the streamers they love. We are increasing subscription prices to drive more revenue to our streamers and help make streaming a more sustainable business for them. Streamers will continue to receive the same net revenue share on subs and gift subs, so this price increase allows you to receive more per subscription. The increased revenue per sub that Twitch receives helps us maintain and build for the long-term future of streaming.

What’s next

Delivering valuable ways for viewers to support streamers is crucial. Often when we make large, complex changes, we take a phased approach so we can understand the impact and apply learnings to future updates. We anticipate there will be additional price changes for other countries this year and will communicate them well before they take effect.

This pricing update is the latest in a number of changes we’ve made to how streamers monetize their content on Twitch. The expansion of the Plus Program takes effect in May for qualifying streamers, and the changes to the Prime subscription payout model take effect in June.

We recognize subs, Bits, and gifts are important ways for communities to support streamers. We’re continuing to make updates so they’re even more valuable. Recently, we’ve added new emote slots, as well as expanded Alerts functionality and offered limited-time promotions. There’s more to come this year, and we’re excited to share the details with you soon.

Where to learn more

For more information, check out our help center to find prices by country and learn more about streamer payouts. Streamers can find their payout information in their Dashboard. And we’re always looking for your feedback on UserVoice.

We’ll be notifying subscribers via email next week, and will remind streamers in-product when the prices change on March 28.

We know that you’ll have questions, and you’re invited to join our stream on February 20 at 10am PT on twitch.tv/twitch to talk more about it.

- Mike Minton, Chief Monetization Officer

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