Jun 12, 2024

Introducing Power-ups: Unleash Special Effects With Bits

Power-ups launch today to all Affiliates and Partners across the globe.

I’m excited to announce that you can now level up your favorite streams using Power-ups. Power-ups are designed to provide fun and interactive ways to influence streams using Bits, all while supporting the streamers you love.

The three Power-ups available globally today are:

  • Message Effects: Add text effects to help your messages stand out! (Try Rainbow Eclipse and Emote Party)
  • On-Screen Celebration: Trigger an emote celebration over the stream for everyone using any of your unlocked emotes
  • Gigantify an Emote: Send larger versions of your favorite emotes

To join in the fun, simply launch the Power-Ups and Rewards menu by clicking on the Bits gem icon below the chat window.

We want streamers to have flexibility in how these interactions are used in their channels. While we’ll have recommended starting prices (based on average viewer count and geographical location), streamers will be able to set their own price. Like Cheering, streamers get 100% of the Bits used.

But we’re not done there. We’ll be regularly adding more Power-ups along the way to keep things interesting! This is the first step towards a future where Bits can be used in more fun ways for both streamers and viewers. We want Power-ups to be exactly what streamers and viewers want them to be. We plan to add more customization options later this year so streamers will be able create unique Power-ups experiences for their channel.

We can’t wait to see these Power-ups start popping up in chat. As always, if you have feedback, drop us a note on Uservoice. We want to hear your ideas on Power-ups that you might want to see as future updates - so feel free to share them as well!

Stuck? Review our Help Article here.

Reload Bits here

Mike Minton

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