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June Cosplay Showcase!

Jun 8 2018 - By Stephanie Guzzardo

One of the first things you learn in cosplay is that any material can be used in bringing your favorite character to life. This month’s featured cosplayers have a wide range of experiences and techniques to handle the huge variety of materials that cosplayers use to transform into their newest project. Whether you’re working with foam, fabric, metal, or German thermoplastic, these broadcasters are happy to share their knowledge with you!


Ten years ago, Serephita jumped into cosplay after being inspired by other cosplayers she saw online and in person. She improved upon her sewing skills over time and also expanded her knowledge to include foam armor, thermoplastics, leatherworking, beading, and embroidery. Currently she’s working on Blood Queen Lana’thel and Lady Jaina Proudmoore, but you may also catch her streaming some Stardew Valley and World of Warcraft.


Ayriath first got into cosplay five years ago, and has been hooked since. “I attended conventions for years prior to cosplaying, and was always astounded by the big, beautiful costumes and groups.” After finding some cosplayers working on a Gurren Lagann group, she immediately started on a costume for one of their missing characters, and wound up being asked to join them. Ayriath is currently working on Lotus from Warframe, and a few side projects. You may even have a chance to find her streaming some games or even coding! “My community is BIG on content creators and promoting our work and loving on other artists and creators. If you come here, you have a home, and your work will not go unappreciated, that’s for sure!”


Studio J7 is relatively new to the cosplay scene, but quickly fell in love thanks to other prop makers like EvilTedSmith and PunishedProps. He’s made several props so far, but his favorite is his Warhammer 40k Bolt Pistol. “I like to attend conventions in the UK promoting the art of foam-smithing and showing what can be done with foam and some simple tools.” He’s currently working on several projects: Fornite helmet, Eldar Ghost Axe, a foam D20, and a full Space Marine cosplay. Have questions on working with foam? Studio J7 and his community are a warm and welcoming place to ask any questions and get help, inspiration, and have an overall fun time.

The full schedule for all of the front page streams is below:

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