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HGC Cheer is back! — Support teams and unlock exclusive in-game items

Jun 8 2018 - By Emily Halpin

The Heroes of the Storm Global Championship is on a roll, and Cheering is here to help you make this season the best one yet.

When you Cheer for your favorite team(s), you’ll summon a team-themed animated Cheermote to celebrate the moment and amplify your voice in chat. Every Cheer during HGC brings both you and the entire community closer to unlocking Cheering goals, which include items like in-game Loot Chests, mounts, and exclusive Twitch emotes. Even better: a portion of the revenue Twitch receives from sales of Bits you Cheer goes directly to the team you’re supporting.

This is the second time we’ve partnered with Blizzard for HGC Cheer, so this year we’re taking it to the next level. Every few weeks, beginning Friday, June 8th, we’ll introduce more community goals and fresh items to unlock. There will be more loot than ever, but be sure to watch and Cheer regularly to support your favorite teams and unlock them before they disappear. Once new community items launch, the old ones are gone for good.

Right below the video player on, you can track team-specific and global community Cheering progress; check out your individual goals; and see leaderboards that highlight each team’s biggest superfan. HGC teams will not only feel the love from your Cheers, they’ll get to see themselves represented on Twitch and within Heroes of the Storm on unlockable team-branded banners, sprays, and badges.

How it works:

Cheering will start with the HGC Mid-Season Brawl on Saturday, June 9. Fans can continue Cheering throughout the rest of the 2018 HGC season, including the HGC Finals at BlizzCon. For more details on the HGC Schedule, click here. Follow the BlizzHeroes channel to be notified when events go live.


Q. How much revenue does a team receive when Bits are Cheered for them?

A. For each Bit Cheered for a team, that team and Blizzard (as the tournament organizer) receive the same amount of revenue share.

Q. Which regions’ teams are supported for HGC Cheer?

A. You can Cheer for HGC teams from all regions (North America, Europe, China and Korea).

Q. How do I Cheer for a team?

A. Click on the Nexus icon at the bottom of the chat window, select the team’s logo, add the number of Bits you want to use and a custom message to cheer them on.

Q. Can I use the regular Cheer command (e.g. cheer100) during HGC?

A. No, regular Cheers won’t work on the BlizzHeroes channel during HGC. You can Cheer for any or all of the 32 teams competing in HGC using their team-themed Cheermotes.

Q. I forgot to link my account before Cheering! Can I still get the items?

A. Yes! First, go ahead and link your Blizzard account to your Twitch account. Then, return to the BlizzHeroes channel. You’ll see that a “Redeem All” button has appeared. Hit that button to claim your items! Going forward, the items will be deposited directly into your account.

Q. Where can I watch HGC in my native language?

A. You can view HGC in English (/BlizzHeroes), German (/BlizzHeroesDE), French (/BlizzHeroesFR), Korean (/BlizzHeroesKR) and Russian (/BlizzHeroesRU).

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