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Support streamers (and get gifts) by Cheering for your favorite World Cup team

Jun 11 2018 - By Phong Tran

Update 6/29/18: We’ve heard your Cheers loud and clear! We’ve received so much positive feedback for this event that we’ve added two more sets of emotes!

Our streamers have been positively overwhelmed by your support. To thank our Cheerers, after you have unlocked the original permanent emote, you can unlock the new sets by Cheering 150 Bits or more. So if you continue to support your streamer by Cheering them on, you will unlock these and gift some people in chat one of the emotes as well!

Don’t worry these sets are entirely optional and we haven’t added these sets to the requirement for unlocking the permanent emote.

The World Cup is the world’s biggest sports event, and we have no doubt many of you will be tuning in to cheer on your nation’s team in The Beautiful Game (soccer in the US, football everywhere else).

While cheering for your favorite team, why not also Cheer to support your favorite streamers? Cheering already has plenty of benefits on Twitch, like celebrating special moments with streamers, amplifying your voice in chat, and earning Bit badges, but from now through July 15, Cheering will do even more. Let’s break down the X’s and O’s.

If you Cheer 1 to 149 Bits, you’ll receive a gift containing one of the three temporary football related emote sets below. When you Cheer 150 Bits or more, you’ll receive one of the emote sets and share one of those emotes with other viewers in chat as a special gift.

We also have a brand new football Cheermote that’s bound to come in handy during one of the many goals that will hit the back of the nets in the weeks to come.

Once you receive one or more football emotes, you’ll find them right in the emote selector. And when you collect all three sets of temporary football emotes you’ll get a permanent one so you can show off that you supported your streamer and your team long after the tournament is over.

If you need to fill your pockets with Bits, load up here.

Questions? We’ve got answers.

Q: When exactly is this happening? Starting now and ending 10AM PT on July 16.

Q: Do streamers still receive the same revenue share from Twitch for the Cheer/Bits? Yes. Cheering Bits is a great way to support your streamer and this event’s Cheermote is no different from regular or channel specific Cheermotes!

Q: How long can I use the temporary Football emotes? Until August 15, 2018.

Q: What exactly is in the Football Gifts? Each gift contains one of three sets of football themed emotes. If you Cheer three times you get access to all three.

Q: Are the emotes I receive randomly selected? Yes, but the randomness is only for the order you receive the sets. After Cheering three times you’re guaranteed to have access to all the football themed emotes. There is no chance of getting a duplicate gift!

Q: How are the Football emotes awarded?

Q: Can I Cheer 100 Bits now and 50 Bits later and still gift the emote for my fellow chatters? No, you have to Cheer with at least 150 Bits in one single Cheer to gift the football emote to your chat buddies.

Q: Does this mean Twitch is streaming the World Cup? No, and in fact that makes this the first event of this scale that we won’t stream any direct content for. At Twitch we believe it’s important to try new things, and since the Football World Cup is the biggest event in sports, this is a great moment for an experiment!

Q: If I have received all the Football Emotes and then Cheer again later on, will I receive duplicate emotes? You only receive the Football Emotes once. You won’t receive another Gift for Cheering after you have collected them all but it will still support the streamer and contribute towards Bit Badges as normal.

Q: Are all channels taking part in this Cheering event? Only select channels

Q: Can I turn this off for my channel? Partners and Affiliates, you can turn off the features of this event by visiting your dashboard settings.

Q: Are the features of this event live for all channels? Channels have the option to opt out of the event and it’s not available on the Overwatch League and Heroes of the Storm Global Championship channels. An easy way to see if you can earn the emotes is by checking if the Footy the Football Cheermote is available on the channel.

Q: Where do I find my emotes? Once you receive one or more Football emotes, you’ll find them in the emote selector.

Q: Where do I get more Bits? Bits.twitch.tv

Q: What are Bits and Cheering? Visit the help article here.

Q: Is Footy the Football a boy or a girl football? Yes!

Q: Who was the greatest Footballer who ever lived? We’re not going there but you should feel free to add your favorite Football legend in the comments below!

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