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Twitch Prime members, are you in the LA area and want to a FREE ticket to see Jurassic World…

Jun 12 2018 - By Robert Busey

Twitch Prime members, are you in the LA area and want to a FREE ticket to see Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom?!

On June 13th Twitch Prime and Universal Studios will be teaming up to bring an exciting new event to Twitch Prime members. Twitch Prime members who show up at the Walt Disney Concert Hall will receive a ticket to a special advanced screening of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom!

This will be a first come first served event, so once the tickets are gone they are gone! Supplies are limited, so arrive early to ensure you get your ticket! The event will open at 12pm on June 13th, with the screening beginning at 7pm.

How will you be able to show us that you’re a Twitch Prime member at the event?

To validate your account, you will need to use a hand held electronic device, and visit: [www.twitch.tv/prime](http://www.twitch.tv/prime)

Make sure you are logged-in to your Twitch Prime account and show the www.twitch.tv/prime page to one of the Twitch Prime staff members at the Twitch Prime booth during the event. That’s it!

Where is the Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom event taking place?

The Walt Disney Concert Hall 111 S Grand Ave Los Angeles, CA 90012

● This is a limited time offer. ● Offer good while supplies last. ● Offer limited to one per customer and account. ● This offer is available to Twitch Prime members only. ● Amazon reserves the right to modify or cancel the offer at any time. ● Offer is non-transferable and may not be resold. ● If you violate any of these terms, the offer will be invalid.

What is Twitch Prime?

Twitch Prime is a new premium experience on Twitch that is included with Amazon Prime. Benefits include monthly in-game loot, ad-free viewing on Twitch, a channel subscription every 30 days AND all the benefits of being a Prime member. See all the Twitch Prime benefits here.

Check out the full list of Amazon Prime benefits in: US, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Austria, Belgium, Italy and Spain. You can try it for free for 30 days right here, and when you do, you get all the Twitch Prime benefits instantly just by linking your Twitch account to your Amazon account.

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